My name is Ben…

…and I’m a bearded man in my mid-30s living in Chichester, West Sussex. I am also a designer and musician.

The design side of me grew out of my musical career, as I started off designing posters and figuring out how computers worked in my teens. Some years later, in 2006, I was lucky enough to land a job at award-winning indie publisher Summersdale in Chichester, where I further developed my skills into typesetting and eBooks.

Cut to 2010 and it was time for a change. I moved away from Chichester (my home for the previous 23 years) to Brighton to start afresh as a Music Production student and freelance designer. A few years on, I have my degree and I find myself back home still beavering away in the land of the self-employed!

In between all this, I enjoy spending time with my daughter, as well as pursuing various musical endeavours. I look forward to hearing from you.