I am primarily a Windows PC user, however I am equally comfortable working in a Mac OSX environment.

Design & Typesetting

I have a great deal of experience in design, with a particular specialism in typesetting. I spent several years working at a trade book publisher and honed my design skills further whilst there. I tend to do most of my work with stock imagery and fonts, as illustration isn’t really one of my skills. I work with Adobe Creative Suite, particularly with Photoshop and InDesign, although I am also familiar with Dreamweaver (see eBooks below) and Illustrator for editing AI and EPS files.

eBook Conversion

Over the years I have converted literally hundreds of eBooks, from simple novels to hugely complicated design-heavy self-help manuals (such as this). I am fully familiar with the most important file types, Mobi for Amazon Kindle and ePUB and can convert to both of these from either original PDF or Word files. My workflow tends to involve specialist conversion software as well as Dreamweaver for ePUB coding. All files will be checked for compliance with ePubCheck, so you can rest assured that everything will be valid and error-free.

Audio & Music Production

I’ve been playing and singing in bands since I was 14 years old and have maintained an interest in this area ever since. I have a BA (Hons) in Music Production and am experienced in using Cubase, Pro Tools and Reason for music and audio production; I am also au fait with microphone techniques and placement, outboard effects and the like. I have produced a great deal of my own music over the years, as well as occasionally other people’s, some of which you can hear on the Work page. I have the equipment to either record at home or on location, depending on requirements. I can also compose and record music and/or sound effects for your production, be it film, theatre or multimedia installation. I play guitar and bass to a high standard, and drums and keyboards as well at a basic level.

Data/Asset Management

Part of my current freelance work involves overseeing the conversion and upload of digital content (eBooks and audiobooks) for various clients. As a result of this I have experience managing a great deal of content, and making sure new content is converted and made available on time. I spend a lot of time managing data via Microsoft Office and I am very familiar with Excel, Word and Outlook in particular.